Odesza are working on a new albumA3774066618 10

Odesza are working on a new album

Genre defying tastemakers and underground darlings Odesza have taken to Instagram to announce they are working on a new album. The Seattle, Washington based duo already have an impressive catalogue, with two studio efforts to their name, 2012’s Summer’s Gone and 2014’s In Return, as well as 2013’s My Friends Never Die EP and host of stunning remixes. The group has also played major festivals all around the world, and run their own label, Foreign Family Collective, since March 2015.

This new album will mark the first significant original release form the duo since they dropped the deluxe edition of In Return last September. While there are few concrete details on the new project, if the universal acclaim of their last two records is any indicator, the new album is surely one to keep a look out for.

Workin on the new album

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