Verboten has officially been seizedVerboten

Verboten has officially been seized

It’s official: Verboten New York has been been shut down.

The once-revered Brooklyn nightclub landed in hot water back in January when its founders, Jen Schiffer and her husband, John Perez, were accused of fraud and mismanagement. The situation worsened in mid-March when 16 Verboten employees (past and present) filed a law suit against Schiffer with allegations of sexual harassment and racism in the workplace.

Now, however, Verboten’s problems have reached a head, as their property has officially been seized by the government for unpaid taxes. The news was confirmed by various passersby who have documented the seizure on Twitter. The entrance to Verboten is currently chained shut with the following sign posted on the door:

Verboten has officially been seizedCe1tL EAI5v08


Verboten has yet to make an official statement regarding the matter. Check back on Dancing Astronaut for updates on the situation.