Armin Van Buuren revives Gaia with new release, ‘Inyathi’IMG 5329 2

Armin Van Buuren revives Gaia with new release, ‘Inyathi’

While Armin Van Buuren and his label Armada have been notably exploring outside the trance realm lately, his Gaia alias with Benno De Goeij will always be held in high esteem among trance-heads. Releases by the duo are few and far between, but when they do surface, the result is consistently well-produced progressive trance. Developments on their end had been nonexistent since their 2015 EDC appearance and subsequent outputting of “In Principio” until this year’s Ultra Miami, where Armin debuted a new Gaia track to unknowing fans.

“Inyathi,” as the track is known, has now been officially unveiled. Classic saw synths run about the clip’s duration, accompanied by a theatrical breakdown and licks of distorted vocal samples that coalesce into a sentimental trance soundscape. “Inyathi” does not stray too far outside both producers’ respective comfort zones, but nonetheless is a satisfying piece of music and a source of elation for Gaia fans.

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