Matt Lange gives away his ethereal remix to Imogen Heap’s ‘Run-Time’Matt Lange

Matt Lange gives away his ethereal remix to Imogen Heap’s ‘Run-Time’

Bureaucracy in music — in the form of copyright law, scheduling, and other factors — can severely push back a new track’s availability to the dismay of an artist wanting to share their self expression with the world. This unfortunate circumstance befell Matt Lange after being asked by Imogen Heap to remix “Run-Time,” resulting in a lengthy two years for the track to see the light of day. Luckily, its long-awaited release comes in the form of a free download.

Lange cites Imogen Heap as one of his major influences, and it’s easy to see why — the prodigious producer and the British singer are known for their unique approaches to composing music and sound manipulation. His abilities truly come into play during his downtempo re-work as he takes Heap’s voice out of their joyful original setting and places them into a poignant, glitchy soundscape befitting of the lyrics. Less is certainly more in the instance of this reinterpretation, as background elements are minimal in presence yet placed precisely throughout to allow “Run-Time” to reach a new and immensely haunting level.

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