YouTube heads into live streaming with YouTube ConnectYouTube Connect

YouTube heads into live streaming with YouTube Connect

Live streaming functionality integrated within social media has become a powerful toll recently. In the music industry, for instance, many artists have been live streaming their live sets through Facebook Live, Snapchat Story, or Twitter’s Periscope app to give fans at home the feeling of actually attending the show. Arguably the most important video service on the Internet, YouTube is planning on entering the race with the launch of its own live streaming platform, YouTube Connect.

Similar to its competitors, YouTube Connect will contain chat and tagging features once viewers tune in to the stream. Users will be able to access live videos through the app or through the host’s current YouTube page.

Although YouTube may be a little late to the game with Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat pulling hundreds of thousands of views daily, the Google-owned platform’s immense existing user base may prove to be a key advantage. The app’s launch date has not yet been announced.

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