This advertisement for EDM nose inhalers will make you cringeBoomboompic

This advertisement for EDM nose inhalers will make you cringe

The EDM wave may have finally peaked, but the amount of brands still trying to get a piece of the pie remains at an all-time high. Cue BoomBoom, an “all-natural, energizing inhaler,” in their own words,” that can “awaken your senses, invigorate your mind and refresh your soul.”

Outside of the all-around terrible implications behind legal highs — especially of the nasal inhalant variety — the brand’s promotional campaigns have proven just as cringe-worthy. Back in January, BoomBoom shared a promo video shot at an EDM festival, distributing their inhalant sticks to random partygoers and capturing their reactions. We’re not here to judge, but if a stranger threw us a random canister with the words ‘BoomBoom” written on it, we probably wouldn’t be immediately shoving it up our nose.

Their latest video (viewable at the top of the article) ditches the festival landscape for a party environment, sporting the even-more befuddling soundtrack by Thick7, which can only be described as a ‘rap-rave facepalm.’

While, to their credit, the video is more well-produced than the last, it ultimately reinforces everything that is wrong about brands’ rampant cash-grab at the EDM sphere. Glamorizing drug use to push the appeal of their own product to the backdrop of a cheesy, EDM-rap jingle, it’s the kind of low-brow content that we can only hope is actually an elaborate parody in disguise.

H/T: Mixmag