DA Premiere: The Temper Trap – Fall Together (Just A Gent Remix)TTT FALL TOGETHER Rm JAG Hi

DA Premiere: The Temper Trap – Fall Together (Just A Gent Remix)

Australian band The Temper Trap are set to release their third LP Thick As Thieves June 10. With that date looming ever nearer, they’ve turned to fellow Aussie Just A Gent to put their track “Fall Together” through its futuristic paces, with the remix premiering exclusively on DA.

The remix opens with the original’s vocals, generously effected with reverb and delay to add an echo, hanging over a circular guitar riff. Soon, however, Just A Gent introduces slicing synth waves as the hook plays over an energetic buildup. The drop itself features quickly rising and repeating arpeggios, cleverly manipulated vocal samples providing the melody, and percussion elements that give the remix a sliding, forward energy. All in all, the reproduction makes use of — and matches — the anthemic quality of the original’s vocals while cannily molding a future-twist around them.

“I’ve loved the Temper Trap since I first heard ‘Sweet Disposition,'” Just A Gent Says. “I even entered in one of their remix competitions when I was younger. When they asked me to do this remix, I was over the moon.”

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