Lil Wayne – A Milli (Y2K Remix) [Free Download]Lil Wayne A Milli Y2k Remi Artwork

Lil Wayne – A Milli (Y2K Remix) [Free Download]

While there’s no shortage of Lil Wayne remixes floating around, occasionally a producer steps up and aces their rendition with a certain degree of finesse that takes you right back to Tha Carter days. Burgeoning LA-based beatmaker Y2K put together a noteworthy free remix on a Weezy favorite, laying down a heavy-handed rework of Wayne’s iconic “A Milli.”

Putting together a shamelessly aggressive trap cut, Y2K ups the ante on “A Milli” with a clipping shift in tempo and the addition of two stomping breaks between Wayne’s verses. Sharp hi-hat flurries and a choice Spongebob sample roll into bulldozing basslines that will make you wish your computer speakers weren’t so blown out from all the dubstep you played back in 2011.

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