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Mysteryland USA 2016 | PHAM Exclusive Mix

Polish producer Pham will be heading to Bethel Woods, NY for the third edition of Mysteryland USA in June. Performing on Sunday at the Boat Stage, hosted this year by Dancing AstronautMysteryland will be his biggest performance in the US as the producer steadily gains more visibility. In that vein, Pham has recorded an hour-long mix to further introduce himself to those who will be attending this year’s festival.

Keeping the tempo restrained, Pham showcases his signature sound, mixing elements of downtempo, RnB, hip hop, and future sounds into a rolling, atmospheric, and mellow performance. Featuring a number of his own originals and edits, as well as selections from other producers such as Flume, Kaytranada, Baauer, and What So Not, the mix gives excellent insight into the type of show fans can expect from Pham Sunday at the Boat Stage.

Mysteryland USA will be held June 10-13 in Bethel Woods, NY. Purchase tickets for #MLUSA here.

PHAM touches down at #MLUSA on Sunday, June 12 at The Boat stage hosted by Dancing Astronaut. Check out our interview with the producer ahead of his appearance.

1. Current muse?
Anything that happens around. I’m trying to use everything I manage to grasp with my sight, ear or anything else. Why should I limit myself?

2. Track of the moment?
Kaytranada – Lite Spots. Fire.

3. Woodstock artist you’d collab with?
If we’re talking about the first Woodstock ever I would try to jam with Jimi Hendrix for sure. I’m sure it would be a challenge!

4. DJ you’d ask to spin at your birthday?
That’s a tough question, I’d let DJ Craze do some sick routines.

5. Must-have item to bring to Mysteryland?
Clothes, who would want to attend Mysteryland naked? Now that’s a “must-have”. A camera I guess.

6. Favorite food to have on the road?
Ramen! Don’t underestimate the power of soup after playing/partying for few days. Saves life for sure.

7. Favorite film of the past year?
“Room”. I really enjoyed watching it.

8. Favorite Instagram account?
It used to be cold__meat but from what I know it’s banned. I don’t use Instagram a lot anyways!

9. What’s your spirit animal?
Just took a quiz and turned out it ought to be a butterfly. I think it’s too far from a serval.

10. Guilty pleasure?
Taking a bus instead of walking for fifteen minutes.

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