Rezz reveals her favorite tracks and influences ahead of Mysteryland USAREZZ 2

Rezz reveals her favorite tracks and influences ahead of Mysteryland USA

Techno producer Rezz‘s career has taken off like a shot in the past year since being picked up by deadmau5‘s mau5trap label. She’s made an appearance on HOLY SHIP!, released powerful originals, and added her own revision to her label boss’s “Slip.”

Now the producer is set to bring her unique brand of dark and ominous techno to the third year of Mysteryland USA. Enticingly, the main stage on Friday will feature a distinctly brooding techno atmosphere, with Rezz performing two spots before one of her biggest influences, Gesaffelstein — whom she had previously remixed but was forced to take down. Both performances, much like the Boat Stage hosted by Dancing Astronaut on Sunday, will be can’t-miss shows.

In the lead up to her Mysteryland USA performance, Rezz revealed some of her favorite tracks and the ones that inspired her career. That full exchange is available below.

The track from my childhood that I’ll never forget

There are tons, but how could anyone forget hit me baby 1 more time by Brit Spears HAHAH

The track that inspired me to pursue a music career

Deadmau5 – Superliminal

The track I’d play during peak-time at Mysteryland USA

Probably my song “Edge”. That will properly mess everyones heads up.

The track to fill the dance floor

Anything from Madame.

The best track from my favorite new artist

“Speed” by Toxic Avenger.

The track I wish I made

“Cthulu Sleeps” by deadmau5 for sure.

The track that best represents my personality

I actually have no idea with this one. I’d love to say my own music but I’m a lot more vibrant than my music is.

The track I want playing as I walk on stage

My song “Plague,” I suppose.

The track for relaxing on vacation

Anything non-dance music.

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