Feed Me revives Spor alias with two new drum ‘n’ bass tracksFeed Me Jon Gooch

Feed Me revives Spor alias with two new drum ‘n’ bass tracks

Jon Gooch may have cemented his legacy in the dance world with his Feed Me project, but Spor will forever be his genesis. His dark, drum ‘n’ bass alias initially broke him into the bass scene in the mid-2000s, before Jon took a hiatus to pursue his multi-genre work as Feed Me. The past 18 months, however, have seen a steady resurgence of Spor, with Gooch unearthing his 17-track LP Caligo in early 2015. Now he’s returned with two new tracks as part of his forthcoming Black Eyed EP.

“Woodruff” and “Know You,” as they’re known, offer the kind of chunky, menacing drum ‘n’ bass that has become a staple of the Spor identity. Heavy on the reese sound design and resampling, they’re not for the faint of heart. “Woodruff,” which features Phace, is arguably the heavier of the two, with its relentless arrangement and hammering drum work. “Know You” offers a more exotic composition, with a vocal hook and a more syncopated feel.

Feed Me’s Black Eyed EP will be released on Friday, May 13. Check the full tracklist below.

1: Mind Of An Insomniac (Feat Icicle & Linguistics)
2: Know You
3: Woodruff (Feat Phace)
4: Blurred Vision
5: Figaro

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