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Stream Stephen’s forward-thinking debut album, ‘Sincerely’

For LA-based producer Stephen, music is an avenue for which he can sift through some of life’s complex ups and downs and in turn, help others do the same. His song “Crossfire” came with a poignant video that touched on issues such as homelessness and racism. While there’s certainly more out there than play counts, suffice it to say, Stephen’s message has already reached the masses.

Continuing along with this theme of using music to work through some of society’s more pressing demons comes Stephen’s debut album, Sincerely. The album features 10 songs that all have an electronic underbelly, but also feature Stephen’s impassioned vocals blended with slick R&B and elements of rock. Remarking on the influences behind his LP, Stephen noted:

My album is a story of triumph, of letting go of all the uncertainty in my head and learning to walk the path of my own heart. “Sincerely” is about realizing how much better this world would be if we all loved ourselves, if we weren’t afraid of being vulnerable and honest. It doesn’t matter who’s president or what technology we invent or what extremists we destroy, the only thing I know is this:

There will never be peace if we do not all love ourselves.

Sincerely is out now via Halfway House. Stream it below or download it now from BitTorrent.

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