A petition is circling for Carl Cox to receive an MBECarl Co Press

A petition is circling for Carl Cox to receive an MBE

If a petition recently started by South West Four Festival is sufficiently influential, Carl Cox‘s already legendary career may receive yet another accolade. The petition aims to honor Cox with an MBE, which would make him a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. An MBE is one of the highest honors a British civilian can receive and is only a few rungs down from receiving a knighthood.

Though Cox was born in Barbados, he grew up in the United Kingdom and, having had a career almost unmatched in its length, the petition states that he, “…should be rewarded for four decades of devoting himself to his art form and dedicating his life to spreading the sounds of UK house and techno to the four corners of the planet.”

The petition runs until July 10, having already receiving more than half of its goal of 2,500 signatures. Fans who wish to support Cox and the petition can find it here.


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