You can now produce music in virtual reality with new VR app SoundStageMaresdefault 2

You can now produce music in virtual reality with new VR app SoundStage

Virtual Reality headsets are currently taking over the tech world. Facebook and HTC both made their models available for purchase in March, with companies like Samsung and Google also coming out with their own models. Given the possibilities VR allows for with gaming and video, it was only a matter of time until it was explored as a medium for music production.

Independent developer SoundStage has taken up the challenge, premiering footage of their new VR production software on YouTube. The software allows the user to play drums, load samples, patch synths, and even control effects and parameters, all in a virtual environment.

SoundStage is targeting both professionals and hobbyists with the new sandbox app: “Whether you’re a professional DJ creating a new sound, or a hobbyist who wants to rock out on virtual drums, SoundStage gives you a diverse toolset to express yourself.”

SoundStage is available on the HTC Steam Store.

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