Carnage and Timmy Trumpet take on psy tranceCarnage Ezoo 2014

Carnage and Timmy Trumpet take on psy trance

Older forms of trance such as uplifiting, tech, and more recently psy, are making their way back into the mainstream dance sphere. Carnage, joined by collaborator Timmy Trumpet, is the most recent case study of this observable phenomenon.

Carnage in particular has already demonstrated a keen intuition on bringing submerged sounds to mass audiences, as evidenced in his 2013 hardstyle/trap fusion clip “Signals.” He’s now tuned into psy trance’s resurgence, wisely choosing the subgenre as his next target for aligning it with his musical interests. He divulged to Billboard in an email statement that his goal was to “bring [the genre] to the main stage.

“Psy Or Die” is the product of the producer’s joint effort with Timmy Trumpet, taking inspiration from Seven Lions in combining psy elements such as a running bassline with “tribal” big room beats. Both its trance and commercial aspects feel rather safe in nature; generic Eastern-inspired vocal clips make up the track’s topline, while a build-drop-build structure adds comfort and familiarity to listeners who otherwise might be jarred by such a peculiar tune.

As such, “Psy Or Die” becomes an ideal candidate for a summer hit, lacking in complexity, yet catchy and intriguing enough for those craving variety amongst a sea of copy-paste hits. It’s already begun to gain traction, unsurprisingly supported by the likes of Armin van Buuren, NERVO, and Blasterjaxx. Might this be considered a bonafide psy trance hit? Highly debatable — however, we commend Carnage and Timmy Trumpet for bringing otherwise unknown sounds to light in a more accessible format.


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