Chrome Sparks debuts Promises Ltd. project with Charlie BrandPromises Ltd Days Of Lavender

Chrome Sparks debuts Promises Ltd. project with Charlie Brand

Chrome Sparks has translated his classically-trained skills into a unique brand of electronic music which he’s continued to refine since “Marijuana” stole the hearts of electronic music fans four years ago. Classical training paired with immense knowledge of synthesizers prove advantageous for the Brooklyn-based producer, whose mastery in combining jumbles of eclectic clips into well-crafted, cohesive bodies of work displays itself with each release.

Like many electronic artists, Chrome Sparks’ creativity deviates from the sounds of his primary moniker. He and longtime friend Charlie Brand (of Miniature Tigers fame) officially fused their talents under a new project entitled Promises Ltd. in 2015, spending a large portion of the year writing what would later become their first self-titled EP.

The first of its four tracks introduces itself as a haunting electropop piece reminiscent of the subgenre’s heyday in the mid-late 2000s. “Days Of Lavender” trails along sentimental melodies played up by Brand’s eerie vocals, while subtle riffs of electric bass aid in creating a full-bodied composition. The two musicians make a solid pairing, as Chrome Sparks’ aptitude for the synthesizer and left-field production techniques balance nicely with Brand’s fluidity and indie appeal. Promises Ltd. will land officially on Majestic Casual Records sometime in the near future.

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