What if Jack Ü remade the ‘Seinfeld’ theme song?Jacku Finals 81

What if Jack Ü remade the ‘Seinfeld’ theme song?

Seinfeld is undeniably the paradigm of the modern day sitcom. The notion of creating a “show about nothing” resonated so strongly with viewers because, while it did provide a sort of escape from the mundanities, it did so by proffering plaintive scenarios to which any viewer could relate.

A connection can be drawn between the appeal of Seinfed and the appeal of raving, in that escaping mundanity by consuming content that is objectively absurd is a core facet of the popularity of both. If Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David were the key influencers of this paradigm in the sitcom genre, Skrillex and Diplo arguably play the same role in the dance music world.

This concept laid the groundwork for a parody video by Facebook page Seinfeld2000. The video conceives how this noteworthy collaboration might sound if Jack Ü and Justin Bieber were to re-work the iconic theme song.

Splicing clips from the trio’s New York Times interview on how they came to make “Where R Ü Now,”  the video excerpts Diplo’s statement that he and Skrillex are “always trying to create something that [people] haven’t heard before,” laid over the signature bassline of Seinfeld’s theme. In the satirical unpacking of the production of this fictional project, Diplo reveals his experimentation with Bieber’s vocals, which Bieber corroborates by noting, “That’s actually my vocal that they took and they messed with it.” Drolly, the lip-popping sample from the show’s theme, plays throughout these statements.

The video ends with Skrillex presenting the “final product,” an aggressive drumstep loop that in no way reflects the traits of the show’s theme song. Overall, the video is hilarious to watch, and the above analysis probably played no role whatsoever in Seinfeld2000’s inspiration to create the satire. However, it’s interesting to note the commonalities that the influential production duo and the creative team of Seinfeld and David have in their cultural roles.