Listen to every sample used on Jamie xx’s ‘In Colour’Jamie In Colour

Listen to every sample used on Jamie xx’s ‘In Colour’

Jamie xx‘s debut release In Colour was heralded into being last year by a chorus of dazzled critics who remarked with resounding frequency upon the producer’s artful use of sampling. Nearly each song’s creative backbone consists of obscure and disparate elements from 1950s vinyl, to disco funk, to current BBC television shows. Though the samples have been listed in liner notes and innumerable awestruck blog posts, it can be difficult to separate the sounds and discern where the producer has left his mark.

Thankfully, the benevolent geniuses at Donutsample have put together an incredible video that breaks down each sample, providing clips of the source material and the finished product side-by-side. The result is an overwhelming tour through the album’s sonic space and its creator’s mind. The album was reportedly cobbled together over 7 years of touring and recording with The XX and it shows in the best way throughout the nearly 7 minute video.

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