Jamie xx unveils an avant-garde music video for ‘Gosh’Jamie Connie Ha

Jamie xx unveils an avant-garde music video for ‘Gosh’

Jamie xx released his debut album In Colour in 2015, presenting followers with ten wildly diverse tracks that each afforded a small glimpse into what has inspired him as an artist over the years. His aptitude for sound construction earned him the number one spot on Billboard’s electronic albums chart shortly after its release, establishing The xx member’s name as one of the most prominent in contemporary dance music.

In Colour’s opening single “Gosh” provided an intriguing base for the album, taking listeners on a futuristic journey through frantic tribal sounds and calming melodies played by celestial synths. Its accompanying music video fit the soundscape flawlessly with images of space travel and Earth from above. A year later, Jamie has now shared a new cinematic version of “Gosh,” this time led by the famed director Romain Gavras.

The video is abstract in its storytelling approach, allowing viewers to create their own interpretations of what it could be about. Set in Paris, the “city of light” is effectively a ghost town in Gavras’ rendering, with its inhabitants trapped in their own virtual worlds. Its albino protagonist finds others of his type before being surrounded by hundreds of children in matching dark outfits performing a synchronized ritual, posing a potential play on the word “gosh” as he takes on a godlike appearance. Alternatively, perhaps he and the other albino characters in the film represent enlightenment. Regardless, Gavras forges a stoically beautiful visual aid to an equally great Jamie xx piece.

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