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Pierce Fulton – Make Me Blue (Original Mix)

Less than two weeks ahead of Pierce Fulton‘s forthcoming four-track EP Borrowed Lives comes “Make Me Blue,” a summer-tuned production from the LA-based artist. Pierce Fulton’s musicianship is undeniable. As an electronic artist that has proven himself to be a master of multiple instruments, Fulton consistently calls for the public’s attention with masterfully-crafted productions that show a fine talent in song writing and sound engineering.

“Make Me Blue” is a lower energy release than fans may expect from Pierce Fulton, but this sort of subdued sound is arguably where the artist shines most. The track is an excellent header to an integral musical project from Fulton. As Pierce begins to break the chains of the progressive genre that previously characterized him, he has begun to create a deeply-enticing, fresh sound.

Borrowed Lives is available to preorder here.

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