Police apologize to Just Blaze following unfair treatment during routine traffic stopJust Blaze E1357753084501

Police apologize to Just Blaze following unfair treatment during routine traffic stop

Tensions are high across the nation following the recent killings of two black men by white police officers. The events that have since transpired have sparked heartache, debate, and undeniably, civil unrest. In the wake of the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, countless artists and celebrities have spoken out to offer prayers and condolences, calls of action from their fans, or simply share in the shock and sadness that an entire country seems to be continually revisiting.

In the less severe case of veteran producer Just Blaze, however, even the celebrities and artists we look up to are not immune to the disparaging effects of racism and the public’s currently tumultuous relationship with law enforcement.

While Blaze’s situation did not end in any sort of violence, yesterday the famed beatmaker was pulled over in his Lamborghini, and experienced his own minor run-in with local police. Blaze, a black man, was asked by the acting officer if his car was “legit” before being told to present his license and registration. Once the vehicle was deemed “legit” by the officer, Blaze was treated with greater respect, or so Justin Smith admits.

“I don’t believe that we should turn a blind eye to somebody doing something wrong just because they’re a person of color,” says Blaze. “But you know whats going on with our people right now. Why not address me as a little more of a human being, instead of me being a suspect off the bat?”

Blaze immediately took to Twitter and Periscope to document the event, later following up to inform followers that the police department that handled his traffic stop reached out with an apology and offered to buy him dinner.

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