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Audien talks new release ‘Crazy Love’ [Interview]

Since his 2015 Grammy nomination, Audien has carefully gone about releasing new material – more recently holding himself to high-profile, potential hits on a more annual basis. Last year, for example, he unleashed his Lady Antebellum collaboration “Something Better” — a record that became of the most played dance tracks on the radio.

Audien’s 2016 opus arrives this August featuring Deb’s Daughter, a masterfully-produced and instantly contagious dance-pop offering. “Crazy Love” strikes with the details of in-demand commercial appeal, while the producer’s insignia can be found at the core.

In the wake of the release, we spoke to Audien about his inspiration behind “Crazy Love,” next steps and more. Listen to his collaboration alongside Deb’s Daughter and read our interview below.

So how has your 2016 been? Any highlights?

So far so good. I’ve been touring like an animal as always. I played Lolla for the first time a few weeks ago and it was an amazing experience. It rained during my set which is always a bit unnerving but the crowd seemed to embrace it and go even harder. I’ve also been enjoying my residency at the Wynn in Vegas, which has been a fun place to test my new music. On the music front I’ve been a little quiet, mostly working on my new stuff. I did a few remixes including one for my label-mate Halsey which has been fun to play out. I’m mostly excited for the fall & the launch of my new single, “Crazy Love,” which hit on August 19.

Tell us a bit about the song and how it came about…

The original idea for “Crazy Love” came from my buddy Peter Hanna, who was one of my co-writers on “Something Better.” Peter is a great writer that shares my love for uplifting melodies and relatable themes. The song is about that kind of relationship, that we’ve all been in, that is equal parts passion and anger, and is entirely unpredictable. The other writer on the song, who is also the vocalist is Deb’s Daughter – a new artist with a perfectly soulful and androgynous voice that I love.

What other music are you working on that you can tell us about?

I’ve got about a half-dozen tracks nearing completion. Among them are a few collabs including one with 3lau. 3lau and I are playing a rare back to back set together at Nocturnal Wonderland which I’m really excited about. I think Nocturnal is in a for a special moment. My new stuff, as always, will be about challenging myself to evolve sonically, without letting go of what makes my music Audien music. I think I’ll have a little something for everyone, but cohesively.

On that note, what are you listening to these days?

I’m all over the map! I’m listening to Drake like the rest of the world, along with the Snake album which is FIRE. I’m digging Niko The Kid on the house-y side of things. Outside of dance I’m also feeling Twenty One Pilots at the moment. I have a Spotify playlist I’m constantly updating that is a good reflection of my taste at any particular moment in time. You can check that out here.

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