Jack Ü premiere long-awaited Florence and the Machine collaborationFlorence Jacku

Jack Ü premiere long-awaited Florence and the Machine collaboration

Back in March, it was revealed that Jack Ü had a collaboration in the works with Florence and the Machine. Earlier today, fans at Reading Festival in the UK were treated to the first listen. Diplo took the mic before debuting the track, saying: “We’ve never played this before. It’s a brand new record: Jack Ü and Florence and the Machine.”

As the set was live streamed to Facebook, one savvy fan has already captured a copy of the premiere and uploaded it. As you’d expect from the cross-genre collaboration — which is rumored to be called “Constellation” — it’s huge vocal record, pushing Florence Welsh’s beautiful topline to the forefront. The corresponding drop is pure future bass bliss, blending Welsh’s instantly catchy hook over fluttering saw waves and glittery sonic embellishments. Stream the track below.

Credit to Skrillex’s dedicated subreddit, r/Skrillex, for finding.

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