Lido drops unreleased flips of Justin Bieber, THEY., and GoldLinkCo EUKvVIAAY3YK.jpg Large

Lido drops unreleased flips of Justin Bieber, THEY., and GoldLink

If you weren’t excited for Lido’s upcoming album after The Life of Peder, then you will be now. The Norwegian prodigy released three brand new bootlegs on his Soundcloud page seemingly spontaneously, claiming on Twitter that he had forgotten about them. The first track, a buoyant cover of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” features Heavy Mellow and Brasstracks on instrumentals and replaces the Biebs with Santell’s RnB croon. “Back It Up (Passion Flip),” a bootleg of the track from THEY.’s Nu Religion EP, builds a swirling chorus of chords and Santell samples underneath THEY.’s melancholic verses. “Sober Thoughts (Lido’s Forgotten Sunday Service)” takes GoldLink verses and spins them into the foot-stomping euphoria of a gospel choir with the help of Brasstracks’ crisp horns. Lido’s signature musicality and gospel influences are on full display throughout all three tracks, which feature complex, ambitious arraignment made to sound utterly effortless and infinitely danceable. Lido’s debut album, Everythingis expected out sometime this year.

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