Watch Disclosure spin a 2.5 hour set from their kitchenDisclosure1 0917

Watch Disclosure spin a 2.5 hour set from their kitchen

Disclosure are currently enjoying peak status of their careers as UK house icons, carrying enough pull to fill up large performance spaces and even headline their own festival. Despite being held in such high esteem by legions of dance fanatics, the duo remain down-to-earth, one such example having been their last-minute agreement to perform an intimate set for the premiere of Boiler Room Shanghai.

Older brother Guy Lawrence surprised followers today with a spontaneous DJ set, live streamed from his own kitchen. For 2.5 hours, viewers were treated to a finely-spun vinyl set pumped with classic and contemporary hits in addition to a close demonstration of Guy’s skill as a DJ. Twenty minutes in, fellow artist Jimpong joins in the festivities, lending his talents on occasion to the finished product.

The full set is now available on Disclosure’s Facebook page and is viewable below.

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