Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra covers ‘Sandstorm,’ ‘Opus,’ and more [Video]Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra Sandstorm

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra covers ‘Sandstorm,’ ‘Opus,’ and more [Video]

Though classical music and dance music are ostensibly different, there are some nuanced connections below the surface. The layered production inherent in most electronic genres mirrors that of classical compositions, while conductors and DJs operate similarly onstage, weaving together musical pieces which will set the tone for a performance.

Helsinki’s Philharmonic Orchestra has astutely bridged the gap between classical and electronic music with a performance entitled “Classical Trancelations in Concert.” Throughout the event, which spanned an hour and a half, conductor Klaus Mäkelä led the orchestra through a program of notable dance music hits including Eric Prydz’s “Opus,” Faithless’ “Insomnia,” and unsurprisingly, Darude’s “Sandstorm.” By translating these tracks into an orchestral context, Helsinki’s Philharmonic Orchestra showcased their own versatility, and highlighted some of the more complex compositional elements of dance music which are not immediately apparent in the original tracks.

Watch the orchestra’s rendition of “Sandstorm” above and the full “Classical Trancelations in Concert” performance here.

H/T: r/electronicmusic.

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