Watch Feed Me play his unreleased ‘Strobe’ remixFeed Me

Watch Feed Me play his unreleased ‘Strobe’ remix

The summer of 2016 has proven to be a time of great resurgence for Jon Gooch, who released the substantive EP Feed Me’s Family Reunion in early July. Considered by many to be a comeback for Gooch’s Feed Me project, the eight-track EP shows a significantly new direction for the British producer. Amidst Gooch’s new direction, as well as his recent vacillations between the Feed Me and Spor monikers, it’s easy to forget that Gooch debuted Feed Me as one of mau5trap‘s first signees in 2008, paving the way for further successful acts on the label such as Skrillex and Excision.

It seems that Gooch has paid homage to his early days as Feed Me by remixing deadmau5‘s classic, “Strobe,” a feat that is attempted by many, but successfully executed by few. While Gooch has yet to release the remix, Kill The Noise has teased a video of Gooch playing the track in a DJ set. What can be heard of the remix in Kill The Noise’s video shows that Feed Me is faithful to the original track’s sonic character in its build before veering into a techno-infused house beat, which seems to both revisit Feed Me’s early sound and branch into more current stylings. Though not confirmed, it’s highly possible that the remix will appear on the forthcoming mau5trap 100 EP.

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