DA Premiere: Coyu feat. Juliet Fox – Ecstasy EPEcstasy Coyu Juliet Fo

DA Premiere: Coyu feat. Juliet Fox – Ecstasy EP

Coyu has returned to his famed imprint Suara for a new three-track EP titled “Ecstasy.” Boasting three edits, the EP can be described as a trial and error process for Coyu, in which each experiment resulted in a successful club cut. Originally taking Juliet Fox’s robotic vocals into play a year ago, he crafted an ever-groovy “Ecstasy (Wait & See Mix).” The finished product was a deep and groovy tech house clip perfect for an afterhours dancefloor, but the Big Cat felt something was missing. “I played it a few times I realised it was a bit far from my sound, even though it is a nice mix,” he confessed. 

Thus manifested the second iteration, dubbed “Who’s On The Phone Mix.” He ups the tempo in this version, pumping it full of lush percussion and transformed Juliet’s voice into robotic lyrics which amplify the futuristic, harder edge presented. However, he still was not satisfied: “I played it out and was happy with it, but I still felt it wasn’t really enough – I needed to do something closer to what I really liked at the minute.

Coyu rounded out the triad with one final edit that finally brought him satisfaction. “Ecstasy (Late At Night Mix)” goes even deeper and darker than the first two edits, retaining the steady heightened tempo in the “Who’s On The Phone Mix” but creating a far more sinister effect with creepy flits of phone in the background driven by powerful kicks that pound the feet into moving. Finally, he’d achieved his goal of working the track to his liking.

Now I feel we have a great pack, different kinds of beats for different kind of tastes,he finished. The Spanish producer is certainly correct in this regard — each mix is extremely diverse, yet palatable to the attuned underground ear. All three versions will be available as a bundle on Coyu’s own Suara imprint on October 3. 

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