Infected Mushroom continue their return to psytrance with ‘Nutmeg’Infected Mushroom LIVE @ Avalon 2014.12.20 24

Infected Mushroom continue their return to psytrance with ‘Nutmeg’

One of the groups that originally brought widespread recognition to psytrance, Infected Mushroom, have released the second single from their forthcoming psytrance EP. Their most recent album, Converting Vegetarians II, released almost exactly a year ago, was somewhat disappointing to fans who love the 140+ bpm triplet groove that made the Israeli duo incredibly popular, especially considering how formidable the first Converting Vegetarians album was.

After that, which was arguably more of a mainstream house album, it is refreshing to see Infected Mushroom returning to higher tempos where they really shine. Along with the first single, “Liquid Smoke,” off of their new psytrance EP, the second single “Nutmeg” shows that they are also reconstituting the old style of each track being an epic progressive journey through a huge number of different sections, usually continuing for 7+ minutes. This style was probably most prominent in their 2007 masterpiece “Heavyweight,” and it seems they are making the right decision by bringing it back.

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