Jeremy Olander – ‘Talespin’ [EP Review]Talespin EP Jeremy Olander

Jeremy Olander – ‘Talespin’ [EP Review]

Suara and Jeremy Olander have developed a fruitful working relationship. The two entities first came together for Olander’s re-work of Doesm’s “Runnerpark,” an early indication of the intricate direction toward which the Vivrant owner began moving musically. He returned to the imprint not long after, contributing the three-track Hanover EP to its repertoire.

Nearly one year and three EPs later, we once again find Olander and Suara reunited. “Talespin” is the eponymous A-side of the EP, setting a dark and mysterious tone as elongated notes weave though carefully-placed minor chord progressions and abundant percussion. It carries a technical finesse few are able to pull off while producing with the same effortlessness as Jeremy.

“Panorama,” on the other hand, closes out Talespin on a blissful note. Where crisp synthesizers and abundant progression carried “Talespin,” glittering melodic progressions and a soothing bassline are the guiding force behind the EP’s B-side. “Panorama” makes for a breezy listen, guiding the mind to a comforting setting where daily stresses temporarily cease.

Jeremy Olander recently announced Phase II of his Vivrant North America tour, where he’ll be making his way back across the United States in honor of his flagship record label while also promoting his current sonic profile.

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