Kaytranada doles out new Chance the Rapper and Solange edits [Free Downloads]Kaytranada 1 E1418180735670

Kaytranada doles out new Chance the Rapper and Solange edits [Free Downloads]

There are big things emanating out of the hip-hop and R&B spaces this year, and Kaytranada clearly keeps an attentive finger on the genres’ pulses. The Canadian producer has opted to give away two new edits, lending his tastes to the music of Chance The Rapper and Solange. Kaytranada’s take on “Cranes in the Sky” from Solange’s recently-released album, A Seat at the Table, originated as a personal edit for his DJ sets; he notes that, initially, he had no plans to publish the revision publicly. However, following overwhelmingly positive crowd reactions to the track, the producer has graciously released his spin on Solange’s latest.

The producer followed up on his album, 99.9%, from earlier this year with 0.001% – a mixtape which included a nod to Chance The Rapper with a reworked version of “All Night,” from the independent emcee’s acclaimed Coloring Book LP. Kaytra gives Chance’s original tune a tempo bump, making it more club-compatible and steeping anticipation amongst fans for the pair’s unreleased collaboration, “They Say.”

Listen to Kaytranada’s two new edits below:

Free downloads are available here.

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