Martin Garrix and Carl Cox lead new documentary, ‘What We Started’Martin Garri What We Started Doc H 2016

Martin Garrix and Carl Cox lead new documentary, ‘What We Started’

The story of dance music culture will be told through the eyes of Martin Garrix and Carl Cox in the upcoming documentary, What We Started. Announced today, Bert Marcus Productions, known for popular films such as Teenage Paparazzo and How To Make Money Selling Drugs, has completed the project.

Pete Tong, who serves as executive producer and music supervisor, joins award-winning filmmaker Bert Marcus, who wrote, produced and directed the film, to identify the definitive narrative of electronic dance music. Another veteran of the space attached to the project is longtime manager Cyrus Saidi, the film’s co-director.

What We Started captures the scope of EDM’s story with juxtaposing two narratives; following the historic rise of DJ superstardom of Martin Garrix and the farewell tour of iconic veteran Carl Cox. With Garrix and Cox leading the tale, the documentary also features the likes of Moby, Sasha, Steve Angello, David Guetta, Ed Sheeran, Usher and many more.

Martin Garrix and Carl Cox lead new documentary, ‘What We Started’Behind The Scenes With Leads Carl Co And Martin Garri And Writer Producer Director Of WHAT WE STARTED Bert Marcus C Bert Marcus Productions

Dance music’s broad identity is made understandable in the most concise and effective way possible, with Martin Garrix’s story as the trademark of EDM’s youth, and Carl Cox’s as the ultimate historical reference. The narrative comes together to illustrate the common thread of a culture that has evolved at a rate which has left many misunderstood. What We Started aims to clarify the past, present and future of dance music’s all-encompassing world.

“This is a film that honors the spirit of and gives a discerning perspective on different generations of this movement in an unprecedented way and leads you on a globe-trotting journey that explores a dynamic and multi-layered industry,” says Pete Tong, Executive Producer.

Announcing the completion of the film, Bert Marcus Productions will next weigh options for its official release.


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