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Slow Shiver – In Blue (Drive By Delivery)

Slow Shiver is a new artist project from Valente Bertelli, and by all accounts, it’s off to a magnetic start. Following Bertelli’s first contribution under the moniker, “We Lost” — a collaboration with France’s melodic mastermind Anoraak — the LA-based songwriter and producer has returned with his debut solo single: “In Blue (Drive By Delivery).”

“It’s about seeing your ex at a traffic light, in the car with another man,” Bertelli tells us.

The poignancy of the description is readily apparent upon listening to the track. Outside of the emotional candor of the lyrics, the entire composition is dripping in somber ’80s beauty. From its subtle arpeggio progression, to gated snare crashes and wailing guitar cries, it’s a thoroughly nostalgic production from head to toe.

The track is available as a free download on Slow Shiver’s SoundCloud.