This guy made a Beastie Boys remix album using only Daft Punk samples

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like to create an entire album of Beastie Boys remixes comprised entirely of Daft Punk samples? Probably not. But two years ago, one particularly creative Canadian producer by the name of Coins sat down in his studio to accomplish this very task.

Titled Daft Science, Coins’ ambitious project strips down multiple Daft Punk to tracks their core elements, before melding their parts around various Beastie Boys hits such as “Root Down,” “Check It Out,” and “Body Movin.'” The result is an 8-track album bearing intriguing sonic combinations that are nearly comparable in quality to the original versions. The entire album is also available for free.

The LP recently surfaced on Daft Punk’s dedicated Reddit page, and has since been spreading like wildfire. Listen to the full album below.

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