These are the best mannequin challenges from the world of EDMMysteryland Crowd At Concert Daytime

These are the best mannequin challenges from the world of EDM

Few trends prove to be as infectious, wide-spread, and dominating as the Mannequin Challenge has turned out to be. The challenge requires its participants to freeze in place while in a variety of positions while a camera swoops in and out capturing the arrested mayhem. The accompanying track is always Rae Sremmurd‘s “Black Beatles” and has popped up in the mundane, such as local high schools, to the extraordinary, with multiple professional sports teams taking their crack at the challenge.

Perhaps the most impressive iterations, however, have come from the world of electronic music. With massive crowds of willing participants, videographers on hand, and an easy way to connect with fans, the trend has truly taken off. Numerous artists from a wide variety of genres have taken their swing at the mannequin challenge, with the following standing (frozen) above the rest.



Big Gigantic

Party Favor





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