deadmau5’s next single and album tracklist have leakedDeadmau5

deadmau5’s next single and album tracklist have leaked

As deadmau5’s new album W:/2016ALBUM/ inches closer to its December release date, hysteria among his fans is at an all-time high. Deadmau5’s dedicated Reddit community has been scanning the producer’s recent live streams and podcasts for any overlooked information, with one such search fortuitously yielding the album’s tracklist and next single.

As it happens, deadmau5 revealed the full tracklist back in October on a Twitch stream, but deleted the recording afterwards. One fan managed to somehow salvage the video and has since shared the tracklist. The album promises 11 songs in total, ranging from unreleased fan-favorites like “Imaginary Friends” and “No Problem” to more experimental tracks like “Whelk Then” and “Glish.”

The stream also revealed deadmau5’s next single, which is reportedly “Let Go,” his collaboration with Grabbitz, which previously fell under the title “Blood for the Bloodgoat.” Listen to it below and check out the tracklist for W:/2016ALBUM/.

1. 2448
2. 4ware
3. Cat Thruster
4. Glish
5. Imaginary Friends
6. Let Go (feat. Grabbitz)
7. Deus Ex Machina
8. No Problem
9. Snowcone
10. Three Pounds Chicken Wing
11. Whelk Then

Via: Reddit (r/deadmau5)