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Lane 8 – In My Arms (Original Mix)

Only a month after his transcendent RÜFÜS remix, deep house magician Lane 8 is back with a blissful new original track, “In My Arms.” Like much of the producer’s catalogue, this song takes its time getting where it wants to go, drifting with control and ease between bridges and choruses, drawing strength from repetition and subtle variation. Impressively, Lane 8’s sound design remains as musical and textured as ever. Each sound and element sits effortlessly in the mix, so much so that the arrangement can build into moments of complexity without ever becoming overbearing. Similarly, he once again demonstrates a remarkably keen ear for melody and harmony, writing chord progressions and melodies that are at once catchy and emotive, full of both depth and levity. “In My Arms” will be released by This Never Happened on December 2nd.

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