DA Premiere: Dosem – Just Arrived (Original Mix)Dosem Just Arrived

DA Premiere: Dosem – Just Arrived (Original Mix)

Transportation is a particularly fitting title for Dosem’s latest EP on his fledgling Houstrike imprint. The Spanish native wastes no time in bewitching his listeners with “Just Arrived,” conjuring images of driving down a long highway as the mind soars through a trail of synthesizers marked by an ethereal topline and underlined by a groovy bassline. The track’s elements meld together for an exceptionally smooth and meditative listen which captures the immersive, multilayered brand of house and techno Dosem has built his career upon thus far.

Dosem launched Houstrike as a thematic audio/visual platform in March to grant him greater freedom in releasing his music and ultimately move him closer to realizing the full breadth of his musical vision. Recent Activity serves as the imprint’s third release, and an exciting foreshadowing of Houstrike’s continued development and fine-tuning that will surely take place next year.




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