Fabric to officially reopen in JanuaryFabri Reopening

Fabric to officially reopen in January

Arguably one of 2016’s finest success stories, Fabric’s conquest to regain its license has officially come to an end. The iconic UK nightclub will reopen its doors on January 6, 2017.

In mid-August, the club announced it would temporarily shut its doors to facilitate an investigation of two drug-related deaths. Several days later, an even bleaker announcement rolled across social media: Fabric would remain closed until a license review was held to evaluate the venue’s safety for guests.

Come September, Fabric’s license was revoked and forced to shut down when Flora Williamson, sub-committee chair of Licensing at Islington Town Hall on Monday evening, decided the venue was unfit to control the passing of drugs through its doors. For months, the possibility of the famed nightclub’s reopening appeared almost nonexistent to fans and DJs alike. Yet £333,618 and one grueling fight later, Fabric won.

Opening weekend will take place January 6-8, and is dedicated to the friends and family members who supported Fabric since day one. Craig Richards, Terry Francis and a slate of special guests are scheduled to celebrate the club’s opening.

Read Fabric’s statement here.

Fabric to officially reopen in JanuaryFabri Reopening