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Launchpad 10: Sounds of the Underground

The Launchpad is a biweekly series showcasing hot new music hand selected by our staff. The tracks in these curated playlists come from both underground and mainstream artists that we love. If you’d like to see your music featured in the Launchpad, you can submit it for consideration here.

Today we embark on a journey deep into the sounds of the underground. Veering away from the mainstream dance music that has pervaded some of our previous episodes, this week will explore upbeat techno and house tunes, before venturing into the underground spectrum’s more industrial side.

First on our list is Athea’s “Capoeira,” a very progressive and fluid techno track recently released on Hot Since 82’s label, Knee Deep In Sound. Immediately following is Jynx’s very addictive house tune, “Honey.” Jynx show off their production prowess with playful synth melodies and catchy vocal chops — no wonder they were named by Annie Mac as one of her “#NewNames” of September 2016.

Further along the underground journey, Eli Coppock delivers some sounds from”the land down under(ground),” otherwise known as Australia. Working under the Nutrition moniker, Coppock launches listeners into a far-away galaxy with “Space Odyssey.” His deep, extraterrestrial basslines and astral vibes are enough to make any listener forget which planet they’re on.

The next track of this episode takes a darker turn with Edgework’s “Mild Limits.” The French producer describes himself as a “techno maker, traveler, and scientist,” and his music backs this statement up strongly. Edgework gives listeners the image of some sort of frantic underground pursuit, deep in a series of very dark, warehouse-y tunnels.

Concluding this week’s episode is Project-To’s “I-Hope.” The rising producer has crafted a very methodical big beat jam that would impress even The Chemical Brothers. “I-Hope” is a perpetual build of riot-like samples, rock-heavy loops, an acid-y bass grooves.

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