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Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Mat Zo Remix)

Porter Robinson and Madeon’s “Shelter” has easily served as one of the top songs of the year. As such, it’s received its fair share of bootleg remixes — over 50 by our count. Now, however, it’s received a new remix at the hands of the talented Mat Zo.

Many would consider Zo the perfect artist to take on the single. Not only has he previously remixed Porter — putting his spin on “Flicker” in July of 2015 — but his eclectic, pop-inflected sound purveyed on albums like Damage Control and Self Assemble makes him a natural stylistic fit for the job.

Zo’s remix was first unveiled a couple weeks back to a tremendous response, and fortunately, the final version lives up to the hype. Like any good remix, Zo’s rendition amplifies the best elements of the original, taking them into a new context — in this case, an anthemic synth-driven spin — without sacrificing the integrity of Porter and Madeon’s composition. Listen to it below:

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