Watch Marshmello surprise a 3-year-old fanMarshmello Mannequin Challenge

Watch Marshmello surprise a 3-year-old fan

Marshmello’s music apparently has no age limit. The masked producer recently shared a touching video of him surprising a 3-year-old fan jamming out to his music.

“There is no better feeling than meeting the people who inspire you to keep going every single day,” Marshmello says. “This is 3 year old Lethan from Dallas, you guys might remember i posted a video of him dancing to my music a few weeks back so you know i had to suprise him. Thank you mellogang, i love you guys so much.”

The video shows Marshmello dancing with young Lethan, adorned in his own miniature Marshmello getup. The short clip — which has already gone viral — was followed by another adorable skit with Lethan asking if Marshmello is his dad. Watch both videos below: