Mysterious encoded video is the latest to spark hope for a Daft Punk ‘Alive 2017’ tour

A mysterious account on YouTube under the moniker “4162016211411” silently posted a video onto the streaming platform on January 1 that is now once again sparking widespread hope and speculation around the potential of Daft Punk reviving their Alive tour concept for 2017. Titled “Alive 2017,” the brief clip shows a futuristic setting on par with the enigmatic French duo’s live visuals before flashing the their moniker at the end. Its description is a recurring series of seemingly random 8-digit numbers.

Wise commenters familiar with code were able to crack the mystery, unveiling the numbers as corresponding with major global cities. A YouTuber by the name of Justin Stevens broke the list’s entirety which includes Paris, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Sydney. Furthermore, the numbers “4162016211411” evidently spell out “Daft Punk.”

While concrete proof has yet to arise, this video is certainly one of the more creative, and even believable rumor bit of the many that have been in circulation as of late regarding the outfit’s anticipated reunion 10 years after their last touring expedition. After all, its general cryptic nature and air of mystery displayed by the video and its description-less account screams Daft Punk. Furthermore, it aligns with other potential pieces of evidence already surfaced, such as the “leaked” Lollapalooza Chile lineup that surfaced in 2016. The video’s creator clearly took a lot of time in making sure to emulate Daft Punk’s reclusive, secretive behavior, and in taking other existing rumors into account to put forth most authentic result possible.

Only time will tell if it turns out to be an actual pointer toward an Alive 2017 tour.




Alive 2017

Alive 2017




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