Porter Robinson discusses his depression and new music in 2017

Mental health issues have been known to be a widespread problem for touring musicians, and Porter Robinson has become the latest to open up to the public about his own internal battles. In a series of tweets, the Worlds composer disclosed to fans that since 2015, he’d been engulfed in a period of “depression and doubt that destroyed [him].” He went on to express sorrow over not being able to bring himself to follow his passion and create music during this time.

Since then, with the help of his prolific “Shelter” release with Madeon and their accompanying collaborative tour, Porter has been able to work his way out of his funk with a renewed fervor on continuing work on the productions which he confessed he “REALLY loves.” He announced that he’ll be taking a break from touring for the most part in 2017 in favor of finishing up what he’d begun before his depression disabled him. Word remains as to what this translates to exactly, whether a new album entirely or a series of EPs and individual releases. Regardless, Porter fans can expect what will hopefully be an abundance of new, high-caliber music from the maestro this year as he takes time to nurture his creative growth.


Porter Robinson

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