Photos from the world’s most remote music experience; Your ParadiseHR YP.2016 272

Photos from the world’s most remote music experience; Your Paradise

Your Paradise: A Fijian Music Experience

There are destination festivals and then there’s Your Paradise. A completely contained experience, Your Paradise takes place on a private resort on Malolo Lailai island. A short catamaran ride from the mainland, the destination experience pairs a tightly curated lineup with a 600 person cap, making it feel more like summer camp than a full on festival. You’ll spend your morning relaxing with postcard-worthy views in every direction. Surfing, snorkeling, skydiving, paddleboarding, kayaking, volleyball and even golf are all available if you’re interested. If not; clear blue skies, crystalline water, and frozen drinks are plentiful. Not to mention rubbing elbows with your favorite DJs at any number of Your Paradise’s pop up DJ booths, over-the-top boat cruises, sinking sandbars, floating parties, and nightly throw downs that last until sunrise.

All photos courtesy of MY Media Sydney

Hanging out in paradise

The days start slow because the party goes all night.

A day on Cloud Nine

A floating barge in the middle of paradise. Plus wood-fired pizza, local beer, and Thomas Jack on the decks.

The tide goes out, and the party rolls in

Everyone lends a hand to carry speakers, CDJs, and booze out to an exposed sandbar a mile off the resort.

All aboard the good ship OWSLA

It’s not every day that you see Skrillex, Anna Lunoe, and What So Not aboard the largest catamaran in the South Pacific.

The High Seas with Cut Snake

The Aussie boys, Cut Snake, hijack the Fiji One for a high day on the high seas.

Surf at Cloudbreak every morning

Early morning surf sessions at one of the world’s most famous breaks.

Wholesome activities to win huge bar tabs

A $1500 bar tab goes a long way in Fiji.

And when the day ends

The real party begins

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