‘It was like he had Tourette’s or something’, veteran rockers Spoon on working with SkrillexJack U 3

‘It was like he had Tourette’s or something’, veteran rockers Spoon on working with Skrillex

Legendary rock group Spoon revealed in a recent interview that the band had a bizarre encounter with production supergroup Jack Ü at a porn producer’s house in Malibu that resulted in a yet-unreleased collaborative track.

In the interview, bandmembers Britt Daniel and Alex Fischel said they met with Jack Ü in California at a mansion owned by “a guy who made porn” in hopes of getting some production assistance from Diplo for their then latest single “Can I Sit Next To You.” The track was to be unveiled in advance of their 9th studio album Hot Thoughts, released earlier this month. As could be expected from a meeting of high caliber musical minds, their rendezvous quickly devolved into a Skrillex-led jam session.

More than anything, the veteran rockers were blown away by how quickly Skrillex worked. “There was one point where the computer glitched out and he just yanked out the audio interface and just kept going on another machine,” said Fischel. “And all of a sudden, he just goes, ‘Bah! Bah!’ just sampling his voice into the laptop microphone and he made a melody with that. It was like he had Tourette’s or something.”

“I didn’t know what the fuck he was doing with that, ‘Bah!‘” Daniel said in the interview. “Then shortly after you’d hear it in the song.”

Whether or not the track will ever emerge from the proverbial cutting room floor remains to be seen, though the article notes Spoon are eager to see what comes of it.


H/T: Rolling Stone

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