Premiere: Tom Demac – Howling Clouds (XII Series)Tom Demac II Series III Howlingng Clouds

Premiere: Tom Demac – Howling Clouds (XII Series)

Near the end of February, Tom Demac made waves through the techno realm with “Muyu,” the second installment of his monthly-occurring XII Series. The Welsh producer’s elephantine sophomore piece, which has garnered support from the likes of Dixon and Âme, proved to be a stark deviation from the series’ deeper opening number, “Aurora.”

For his third installment, Demac plunges into a darker, more abrasive echelon. “Howling Clouds” is an auditory bedlam, driven by swift, quaking percussion and acid-tinged bass patterns. Acrid shrieks and cerebral samples fuse into a sinister end result which, while formidable, achieves a unique danceability through Demac’s thoughtful rhythmic arrangements.

In the first triad of the XII Series, we’ve seen the artist progress stylistically from serene, to tribal, to thunderous outputs. With three-quarters remaining in the continual 2017 collection, it’s hard to foresee where Demac’s dynamic tendencies will take him. Indeed, it is, in part, the unpredictability of the XII Series which makes it so scintillating to follow.

Stream “Howling Clouds” ahead of its March 31 release below:

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