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82-year-old DJ Sumirock wows Japanese crowds

Sumiko Iwamuro is anything but a stereotypical DJ.

The 82-year-old Japanese woman is a dumpling-maker in her family’s restaurant by day. At night, she’s known by a different name: DJ Sumirock.

For more than 50 years, Iwamuro ran a dumpling restaurant with her husband. She had always been drawn to music, and was inspired by her father, a jazz drummer. But at age 19, she began working at the family restaurant, leaving her passion for music in the dust.

Fifty years later, when her husband passed away, Iwamuro did a year of training at a local music school and learned the ropes of DJing. After improving her skills for her son’s birthday party, she took her talents to the clubs. These days, DJ Sumirock can be found DJing at DecabarZ, a club in Tokyo.

See her in action below.

H/T: Mixmag

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