Matt Lange releases stunning new EP, ‘Punish Me’ [EP Review]Punish Me EP Cover

Matt Lange releases stunning new EP, ‘Punish Me’ [EP Review]

Many are familiar with Matt Lange, firstly as an Anjunadeep wunderkind and more recently as one of mau5trap’s edgiest new techno imports. Take away the constraints of a 4/4 dance foundation, however, and the Berklee graduate’s artistic abilities truly shine.

Punish Me, Lange’s new EP, serves as one of his finest and most brooding bodies of work to date, showcasing not just his mastery over synthesis but songwriting as well. Lange wears his heart on his sleeve as he exposes intimate glimpses into his life across three diverse, avant-garde records sung entirely by himself.

The EP begins on a dissonant note with its title track, exploring themes of numbness and emptiness across a guitar-laden backdrop. Brief bursts of gritty chords interspersed throughout and emphasized by subtle strings are ever-so-slightly reminiscent of progressive rock offerings such as Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” —  a unique accent to an otherwise contemporary electronic soundscape.

“Notes On Letting Go” continues the dark themes established in “Punish Me,” taking listeners on a highly cerebral journey through seven minutes of gripping lyrics pierced by glitchy edits and odd time signatures. A sense of freedom is present during its climax, as an explosion of cascading guitar melodies and powerful drums soar around the impassioned line “It’s over – I’m giving up on you.”

Finally, Punish Me closes with the most muted record of the three, “Clever Girl.” The composition possesses highly emotive overtones as lyrics paint images of a heartbroken subject who is offered solace by the singer, in this case Lange. Meanwhile, haunting instrumentation and low synth groans add body and impact to the finished product.

Ultimately, Matt Lange has taken a bold direction in refusing to adhere to the norms of dance music and forging his own creative path into a new age where electronica and classical live in perfect harmony. Forward-thinking as ever and timeless in his approach, we can’t help but foresee a long and prosperous future for this burgeoning artist.

Punish Me is now out on Matt Lange’s IsoRhythm imprint. Stream and purchase it here.

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