Chocolate Puma remixes Fatboy Slim’s ‘Where U Iz’Chocolate Puma

Chocolate Puma remixes Fatboy Slim’s ‘Where U Iz’

The Dutch duo known by many names, but presently called Chocolate Puma, have remixed an Fatboy Slim recent classic “Where U Iz” into a track with more bite and more bass. While the original track has a beautifully organic, disco-inspired bass line, this remix contains a savage low frequency sound, with a high frequency crackle determined to elicit goosebumps. By maintaining the goofy vocal sample from the original, Chocolate Puma pays proper homage to the great Norman Cook in their rendition, while blending in their own boisterous tastes.

Released in early March, “Where U Iz” is Fatboy Slim’s first single in 2017, and his third single since the notorious “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat.” A remix by KDA preceded the Chocolate Puma remix by a couple weeks. While not the same style, nor as aggressive as Chocolate Puma’s remix, the KDA version deserves a noteworthy mention for its tribal drums and timbals as a unique take on Fatboy Slim’s track.

Chocolate Puma is certainly an act to watch right now, which is somewhat odd considering they’ve been around for over a decade. Gaston Steenskist and René ter Horst began as a duo back in the 1990s performing under multiple pseudonyms, such as The Good Men or Riva. Like Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim, they were instrumental in the explosion of Big Beat in the UK during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

With the release of “I Wanna Be U” in 2001, the Chocolate Puma project began. From inception to present day, they have release well over two dozen singles, remixes, and edits that leverage electro and house styles popular today. Their collaboration with Firebeatz landed them a spot on Spinin’ Records, where most of their releases have been thus far. “Scrub the Ground” features a subtle crackle in the bass line, similar to their remix of “Where U Iz,” and “Popatron” seeps sonic energy with massive LFO-based builds and drops. Given the talent of Steenskist and Horst, a Chocolate Puma album would likely be well received.

Listen to Chocolate Puma’s remix of Fatboy Slim’s “Where U Iz” in the player below:

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